"So he called its name Rehoboth, saying, 'For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.' " Genesis 26:22b

What’s New With Us?

Hi Everybody,

I thought since it’s Christmas-time again, I would give y’all a family update.

As many of you all ready know, Josh married Caitlin in September of this year. They are now living in a small house in Troy, about 20 minutes from the Ranch. Josh is doing odds and ends construction, and Caitlin is being a awesome wife  and sister in law.

IMG_5030 - Copy

Daniel is living in a nearby fire station and is really enjoying a firefighter’s life. He is also still doing construction.


Amy is working on her last year of high school. And she is learning to play the violin from Caitlin.


I am now in high school with hopes of going to college to become a veterinarian. I am really enjoying helping run the Ranch. And, in case you haven’t guessed my favorite part of farm life is working with the animals. I have also been learning to play the guitar with Daddy and am really enjoying it.

SAM_0326 - Copy

Faith has thrown herself wholeheartedly into farm life. She  has her own brood of ducks and loves it.

SAM_1033 - Copy

Abigail and Samuel are simply enjoying the great outdoors. They love being together outside. They have discovered that work is fun when your doing what you love .








Mom and Dad are both doing well. Dad is working hard on the Ranch and helping with the schooling of the 5 of us that are still at home. Mom is kept on her toes with cooking, cleaning, and schooling.



We have been amazingly blessed this year. And we thank God for all He has done in our hearts and lives this year.

Merry Christmas from the Andersons!


Blessings, Grace


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